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Teachers:  Thank you! 

If you're an education professional, you're probably NOT an ENGINEER!

That's perfectly OK.  You've invested much of your life into learning how to teach not how to build robots. 


If you've been chosen to be your schools STEM teacher, you probably enjoy science and technology but may find yourself a bit daunted at the idea of teaching "Robotics" to a group of students when your own knowledge might be less than you would like.  Don't worry,  We got your Back! 

Keeping up with current technology is impossible for engineers too! 

Why should you be expected to know EVERYTHING? 

You shouldn't!  Your time is best spent helping students learn how to learn. 

 There was a time when a really smart engineer could know almost everything about the field of computers and electronics.  However, we now live in a time when amazing new technology is being introduced every day.  A new processor chip or computer language seems to come out evey week and there is absolutely no way that even engineering professionals can keep up with all the developments in their own field.   

So how can a teacher teach something even THEY don't understand?  By using the tools that are at your  fingertips.  There are tens of thousands of tutorials and blogs and users groups, chat rooms and endless ETC. that is available to you and your students. The difficult part is figuring our which ones make sense and which ones don't.  We will help keep a list of current, relevant, high quality websites and videos that will help you learn yourself and help you teach your classroom.  


We don't have a specific schedule at this time. However, as our student and teacher enrollment expands, we will be offering both individualized training and group seminars to help get you up to speed! 

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