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As both an engineer and a 3rd Degree Hapkido instructor, I realized that many of the ways martial arts are taught and the traditions practiced could bring a unique structure to technical training. Students of all ages and capabilities begin as fresh "White Belts". They are not expected to know much, they are only expected to have an open mind and do their best to learn from instructors and other more advanced students.

As a students knowledge progresses, they are expected to demonstrate their new abilities and begin the process of training others in these skills.

I started my own Martial Arts training at the age of 40. Some of my best instruction came from fellow (but more advanced) students as young as age 10. Some of MY best training as well as their own best training came from these interactions serving in both roles as students and teachers.

Many STEM educators find themselves in a role that they may not be completely qualified for or comfortable in. Sometimes their students know more about technology than they do. IT'S TO BE EXPECTED! They've spent a lifetime learning how to teach, not how to build robots and program them. If you are one of these educators, our training program will help you be comfortable in your role as both a teacher and a student so you and they will grow together.

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