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Advanced Belt Levels 

What you can expect: 

Early Belt level training will be mostly about increasing an individuals knowledge and abilities relating to robotics.  Things like basic electricity, wiring, soldering, simple motion control, entry level programming, etc. will be learned here. 

Yellow Belt Training: 

 Yellow Belt training will still be about building your basic technical skills, but you will also start to help teach others and begin working on teams to accomplish specific goals. (automated rocket launch, Specific robot tasking etc. )

This is where you will begin your Sparing! 

Yellow belts and above will be required to compete against others in robotic challenges.  These challenges may be simple races or as complex as moving and  stacking objects  in a minimum amount of time.    

Each Belt color has a secondary stage called "First"
Yellow First,
Blue First. 
and so on. 

 Each "First" stripe added to a belt advances you into training similar to the original belt color, but increases the intensity of training, skills and effort required to accomplish your goals. 


For instance: A Yellow First will still be working on developing their PERSONAL skill sets, but will be expected to begin working as part of team competitions to accomplish much more complex tasks. ( capture the enemy flag,  DESTROY the enemy with a ROCKET ( ok... a Nerf rocket) 

And whatever fun/doable crazy challenges we can think up! 

This page is still under development! 

Higher belt level information will be added soon.

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