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Many students are being short-changed by their own school system.  A great many teachers are as well.


Students will compete in a world filled with highly skilled and technically trained individuals from around the world. However, many of our schools can't and don't teach technology because they are locked into an education model that no longer fits the times.

Technology training was once expensive and difficult to obtain. It made sense to let students mature a bit before letting them work with million dollar equipment. But that was a long time ago.

The internet has made it possible for ANYONE with access to a computer to get an advanced education in nearly any subject.  Most of this training is completely FREE. China's industrial growth is obvious. India's accomplishments are manifest in nearly every technical assistance call.   Our own, admittedly wonderful universities are filled with students from other countries who's parents recognize the value of advanced education.

The United State's status as the world leader in technology has been eroded by arrogance and greed.  Yes, we sent men to the moon, but that was two generations ago and we never went back. For eight years we couldn't even launch our own astronauts into space. Yes, we developed computers first, but now the vast majority of electronics is manufactured half a world away. We have watched our jobs be shipped off to other countries, our standard of living  fall  continuously and the infrastructure of our country decay.  We are now on a rapid trajectory to third world status unless we change directions now. 

BlackBelt Robotics can't fix those problems, but we can help those of you who recognize the need for you or your children be better educated in technology.


We can also help conscientious teachers improve their understanding and ability to teach technology.

Learning TECHNOLOGY is like learning a LANGUAGE. The older you get, the more difficult it is to learn a new language. Our traditional educational model insists that students be subjected to a Lowest Common Denominator Education (LCDE) through the years that they are most capable of learning new language and concepts and only then expose them to advanced concepts and vocabularies.

I believe that the younger students are when exposed to technology, neural pathways are built in their brains that make it easier for them to adsorb concepts and skills of advanced technology throughout their life.

I believe our nations educational model should be flipped on it's head.  Yes, children need social skills, but waiting to expose their brains to advanced technology until AFTER its ability to grow has slowed is detrimental to the long term development of their full potential.

We can't fix the world, but maybe we can help you become a better technology teacher and students get a better start on their journey through life.


This is my commitment to you:  to try.

Ken Bash

Founder, BBR

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